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The Many Faces of Leadership

â€Å"I figured it all out.† That’s how I would paraphrase the essays many of my clients—MBA applicants and others—write in response to the ubiquitous â€Å"Describe a leadership experience† question. Now of course â€Å"figuring it all out,† my shorthand for â€Å"I came up with a creative solution to a tricky problem† or â€Å"I developed a killer spreadsheet model, the likes of which my team had never seen before† or similar achievements, is an important aspect of leadership. But it’s just one aspect. Skilled problem-solving, or â€Å"thought leadership,† as we called it at McKinsey and Company, where I worked as a business strategy consultant, was the mark of, well, a skilled problem-solver; but many of the most respected consultants at the firm, including senior partners, were equally or even more talented at something we didn’t have a formal name for: people leadership. By effectively leading our thinking on client firms’ problems as well as motivating us to work long hours to develop solutions to these problems and collaborate with our clients on implementing them, these colleagues were exemplary leaders. So don’t forget to include strong elements of people leadership in your essays. Here are several to keep in mind: Rallying others around a vision. Did you convince your team or group to follow a specific path/solution? How did you do it? Successful clients have talked about handling dissenting opinions diplomatically or presenting their teams’ detailed quantitative evidence for a recommendation. The more you can show that you understood your audience and tailored the content and form of your message to them, the better. Harnessing others’ strengths—and expanding them. Did you provide team members tasks they could handle comfortably based on their capabilities, as well as opportunities to broaden their skills? For example, you may have handed your quant jock teammate the most complicated operations analysis as well as responsibility for leading a key client meeting. In this way you leverage teammates’ strengths while helping them develop new ones. Getting through tough times. Did you model for your team enviable cool in pressure-cooker situations, maybe helping them keep the big-picture goal in mind or lightening the mood with humor? Did you reward teammates with praise, pizza, or both for working long into the night? Did you pitch in on others’ responsibilities as deadlines loomed? Helping your team handle stress while managing your own is a cornerstone of strong leadership. These are just some of the leadership traits you can show in your essay to make it more compelling. And remember, you don’t have to be in an official position of leadership to demonstrate them. We all know peers who provide great leadership without any formal authority. Make clear that you’re one of them. My fellow Accepted editors and I will help you include a powerful combination of leadership and other elements in your essays and interviews. By Dr. Sachin Waikar .

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The Influence of Media on Sport Essay - 2462 Words

Influences of Mass Media in Sport When communication is spread not just between two individuals but rather between tens of millions of people it is known as mass media. Mass media is known as the central nervous system of society and it functions as a medium of exchange of information across the globe. Mass media has many different purposes, such as providing information, entertaining, persuading and also by carrying a vague general function of culture to millions of people.(Frederick 18). In order for mass media to exist, there must be an audience. Todays society is very selective; each receiver reacts differently through his or her own experience and orientation. Therefore, mass media exists in many different forms such as†¦show more content†¦In countries such as India, mass media had made a tremendous change. People in rural communities are now able to communicate back and forth. Children of this country are now able to obtain and expand on their education, there are continuous improvements in the ir health care system and even modern agricultural techniques are being developed. Not everybody agrees that mass media has had a positive effect, some believe that it has damaged societies beyond repair. Since mass media has such an overwhelming influence on society, it may end up shaping the way and individual thinks. A good example of this is through advertising. It is advertising, by and large, that supports the United States pervasive and extraordinary diverse mass media system. Advertising major focus is the better you display a commodity the more of the commodity you sell. The private sector gives the advertising industry the money to sell their products, and the company that offers the most capital is the one who gets their product aired. This is where one of our major constraints, known as, competition comes into play. Whatever company holds the most capital decides what we as a society get to consume. Advertisers will say that they produce what the consumer demand s but on the other hand they are putting many limits on what we get to consume. With the constant growth of mass media many opportunities for individuals have been arising. To show how mass media has opened many doors forShow MoreRelatedMedia Influence On Sports1347 Words   |  6 Pagesthe past years the media has had a big effect on society. Many people rely on the media for news or sports coverage but they don’t realize that the media may influence people’s beliefs or way of behaving. The media covers sports in order to provide information to the fans but they also can create fake news to spark controversy in sports. The world of sports is largely affected by the media as they are a big topic to talk about throughout all kinds of media. Although the media can provide informationRead MoreHegemonic Masculinity in the Media1080 Words   |  5 Pageslive society were male dominance is the order of the day, from the family arena to the workplace, and in sports in which individuals with certain characteristics and attributes as seen as normal and the rest are termed as the â€Å"other†. This paper will focus on how hegemonic masculinity has been mediated through the media, by creating gender gaps. Furthermore, it is important to note that the media is important sources that orchestrate the perception of individuals in our society and as such should beRead MoreDetermining Women Athletes Identify As Influences On Their Participation1398 Words   |  6 PagesMy study examines the factors women athletes identify as influences on their participation in sports. The findings show that there are both obstacles and facilitators which influence their participation in sport. Interpersonal, intrapersonal, recommendations and environmental factors are facilitators to participation in sports while obstacles include financial constraints, time, and lack of social support. This chapter will provide conclusions and recommendations. Summary The study shows that athletesRead MoreThe Positive Impact Of The Social Influence Of Sports1486 Words   |  6 PagesSince the beginning of time sport has had a great importance. It is good for health and fitness, it is great fun and pastime and is great for learning how to win and dealing with the loss. Many factors influence sports and activities and how and to what extent in which they are performed and the biggest influence is the social influence A positive impact from the societal influence of peers would be their ability to make you feel good, try harder and to participate in more things .At some pointRead MoreSports Marketing And Finished Off With A Personal Reflection1597 Words   |  7 Pagesthere is underlying importance on sport and sports fans. Not only do sports have multiple benefits of being able to provide health and prevention messages but there is a negative side to everything. The topic of this essay is to highlight the unique characteristics of sports fans as consumers and identify and discuss the implications for sports marketing. As a final personal statement comment on yourself a s a consumer of one particular sport. The publicity of sports and their fans is slowly developingRead MoreFemale Athletes And Male Athletes1390 Words   |  6 Pagesdominate figure in sports. Unlike female athletes, men receive a tremendous amount of media attention than female athletes. Young boys grow up watching television b ombarded with heroic images of male athletes. They have something to look up to, while young girls do not receive the same images. Male and female athletes have many equal opportunities when it comes to playing and succeeding in sports. Yet it seems that male sports happen to catch more of the limelight when it comes to the media and the publicityRead MoreGender Biases in Sport Media Essay1229 Words   |  5 PagesBiases in Sport Media Introduction In today’s society, it is nearly impossible to imagine our lives without the media. Television, radio, social media, and other types of media are a big influence on our lives and we all use them on a daily basis. They give us our news, provide us with entertainment, and we base a lot of our views and beliefs off of what we see and hear in the media. The media have plenty of positive aspects; however, with the major influence they have on individuals, the media can haveRead MoreMedia and Sport: What Could the Possible Link Be?1406 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Media and sport. What could the possible link be? What influence does the media have on the participants involved in Formula 1? Who are these participants involved? In which ways are they influenced? And lastly, are there various methods used to involve media in sport or vice versa? These are all questions which should be asked in order to understand the link between media and sport. Media involvement in sport Where Formula 1 is concerned, the media is a great platform for aRead MoreUse Of Social Media Platforms Aids And Promote Sporting Brands1185 Words   |  5 Pagesof social media platforms aids and promote the sporting brands within the consumer behaviour. Objectives: †¢ To define the social media and identify the sporting brands associated with consumer behaviour. †¢ By examining how brand attributes influences the responses of the sporting brands in terms of social media. †¢ By investigating how social media platforms in particular, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram affect consumers on sporting brands (case studies). †¢ Recommend the social media marketingRead MoreSekaran Bougie Research Process1277 Words   |  5 PagesResearch Process Figure 1 - Sekaran Bougie Research Process Abstract The analysis will represent a comparative assessment of an article that appeared in the Journal of Sports Media, Volume 3, Number 1, Spring 2008 entitled Interactive Media and Sports Journalists: The Impact of Interactive Media on Sports Journalists (Wigley Meirick, 2008). This analysis will focus on the first two steps of the eleven step research process outline by Sekaran Bougie (Sekaran Bougie, 2010). These

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Music And Its Importance On The Human Brain - 1605 Words

Andie M. Partida Ms.Ponder English IV, 6 Pd. 28 February,2015 Music And Its Importance On The Human Brain Music affects people of all ages developmentally , intellectually and medically as well as it affects their social , personal lives. In other words, music affects the way in which we think , behave and feel. Music tends to have a positive effect on the transfer of learning. For example , learning to play an instrument enhances the ability to remember words through enlargement of the left cranial temporal regions of the brain. A study brought up by the Institute of Education at the University of London shows that musically trained participants remembered 17 percent more verbal information then those without musical training (Hallam 2012). Extensive active engagement with music induces cortical reorganization producing functional changes in how the brain handles information. When this is an occurrence in an early stage of development , usually in children and young adults, it may produce permanent changes in the w ay information is being processed into the brain. These changes display what exactly has been learned and how it has been learned. According to the article, Transfer of cognitive learning from one domain to another depends on the similarities between the processes involved, transfer can be near and far and it is stronger and more likely to occur if its near(Hallam 2012). To continue with this aim, SalamonShow MoreRelatedMusic Effect On The Brain896 Words   |  4 PagesMusic affects the brain in many different ways. What would our world be like without music? Music has a direct path to our brain. It is a very big part of our daily lives. Everywhere a person goes, they hear music. Music affects chemicals in the brain that affect our emotions. Different types of music affect the brain differently. Music can be used in therapy to help a person with emotional problems. Music is even part of every country on earth. Humans are a musical species. Music has a majorRead MoreMusic Makes You Mentally Fit1040 Words   |  5 PagesOne way is through the power of music. A simple tune-in to the high-tech IPods, MP3 players and such gives us the peace of mind that we always wanted. Why is that so? Does Music affect our brains? Does it improve one’s mental fitness? If it does, how? Music is â€Å"a combination of sounds that are organized and meaningful, occurring in a prescribed span of time and usually having pitch† (Hoffer, 1985, p.22). This means that certain sounds cannot be classified as music if these are not properly arrangedRead MoreInformative Speech : Reference Of Music By Gretel Herrera1124 Words   |  5 Pagesreference to Music by Gretel Herrera General Purpose: To Inform Specific Purpose: At the end of my speech, the audience we will learn the importance of music in our lives and the benefits associated with listen to music to our health and development of our brain. Thesis: Music is an important and rewarding part of our lives and is essential to the development of a child’s brain and to keep a healthy body. I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: Today I am going to talk about music. We can say thatRead MoreMusic Should Be Mandatory Public Schools1173 Words   |  5 Pages Music is so important to our lives, this is why music should be mandatory in our public schools. Music has an influence on all of us, unless you’re deaf. This is one of the many reasons why we should have a basic knowledge on how to use music. Learning how to use music opens so many doors to us. We can use music to make peace or war and everything in between. So, why wouldn’t we teach our children the importance of music in our lives? There is a plethora of ways that music affects us. Music hasRead MoreMusic Is The Product Of Our Evolution1331 Words   |  6 PagesI studied the hypothesis that music is the product of our evolution and that most mammals and cultures have used music to continue to evolve and reform. Most scientific articles agree that music has evolved throughout thousands of years. Even the first Homo sapiens used music as a mode of communication. But in a biological standpoint, music can be used as a way to express mate selection, as a way of motivation and pleasure, development and learning, and social communication. The big questionRead MoreHigh School And The Neural And Scholastic Benefits Essay1626 Words   |  7 PagesGerald Ford said, â€Å"Music education opens doors that help children pass from school into the world around them a world of work, culture, intellectual activity, and human involvement. The future of our nation depends on providing our children with a complete education that includes music.† Music can do so much for the youth of the nation because it encourages group cooperation, independent study, and a way to relax. It has often been debated whether the benefits of music in school are significantRead MoreThe Importance Of Music Education790 Words   |  4 Pagesat a Time Music education is a subject in school that should be essential for all students. If students continued to expand their music education, they would have higher test scores in subjects such as math and English. Having a school system where everyone is able to benefit from a school wide requirement of music education. Music education will help improve student test scores and improve students language development. Students who take music classes have higher test scores. Music education helpsRead MoreWhat Was The Last Song You Listened To? Do You Recall The1255 Words   |  6 Pagesshould know that you have provided your brain with an activity that has strengthened it. Listening to music is one of the most beneficial ways to fortify your brain. The human brain is the central command for the nervous system and sends commands to muscles and organs. We’re all born with them and they make up a large portion of our mental and physical functionality. Depending on the type of music you listen to, you can help increase the functionality of your brain. Despite being an enjoyable extracurricularRead MoreLiterature Review on Music Education Essay1000 Words   |  4 PagesLiterature Review This complex problem of music education has been studied for many years. Some disciplines go off of one another to conduct studies and analyze one’s results. Music educators tend to study how music education came to be. They are huge advocators for music education because of the benefits that come with the programs. Psychologists have studies done around the world to see what the affects of having knowledge in the subject of music are. With so many studies done, there are so manyRead More The Importance of Arts Education Essay1498 Words   |  6 PagesThe Importance of Arts Education Jane Alexander, Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), once said, â€Å"Many children are missing out on something which gives their education context, gives their lives depth and meaning, and prepares them to be the future workforce.† This â€Å"something† that she spoke of is music and art education. Unfortunately, she is entirely correct. We are currently seeing in our country a dramatic cut in arts education curriculum in our public schools

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Why Security Controls Is Important Than Which Controls You...

Introduction Where to put security controls and how to design them is more important than which controls you put on a compliance checklist. Identifying and prioritizing key security controls, however, is part art and part science. By defining key controls based on cyber risks (translated into business risks), an organization can more easily right-size the its control set and adapt it to their needs. Information Security risk assessment processes that are near real-time, gated by a change control process, provide continuous feedback on the sufficiency of the controls within an organization. Cyber Risk: Any information technology risk attributable to a malicious external actor. The means of attack may be opportunistic or targeted. It†¦show more content†¦In addition, many traditional approaches to security risk management leave security practitioners describing risks as missing controls. This is due to their sole reliance on controls frameworks as a manner of baselining mitigating controls. Also, a compliance-based controls approach tends to be narrowly scoped and relevant for only a certain type of information, such as protected health information (PHI) or credit card account numbers (PCI). Cyber threats change daily, and solely relying on compliance frameworks will leave critical assets vulnerable to attack. ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard ISO 31000 describes a framework for implementing risk management. As ISO 31000 depicts, it’s essential to manage your cybersecurity program within a continually improving risk management oversight wrapper. ISO 31000:2009 - Framework for Managing Risk Make information security risk management an integral part of your organization’s management cadence. Emphasize the need to communicate and consult with both external and internal stakeholders, while continuously monitoring and reviewing your organization’s risks (including linkage with Security Operations Center playbooks and CSIRT response scenarios). The Art of Cyber Risk Prioritization Controls everywhere isn’t pragmatic – and this approach would be too expensive! However, Board of Directors are looking for evidence that cyber security risks are being proactively identified and addressed. The National Association ofShow MoreRelatedCompany Analysis : Company X1121 Words   |  5 PagesMission Statement Company X is dedicated to provide customers with the highest levels of security, encourage equal opportunity, and to guarantee employees have the best training available to ensure customer satisfaction. Here at Company X we value integrity, diligence, fairness, and safety in all things. We understand no one person is the same as another, no day is the same as the rest and times are always changing. This company is committed to updating and maintaining our processes to be able toRead MoreBook Review: Sir Thomas Malorys Le Morte DArthur2354 Words   |  9 Pagesï » ¿Riordan: Corporate Compliance Plan The country is no stranger to the dire, debilitating and desiccating consequences that a corporation or group of corporations can wage on contemporary society via a failure to engage with compliance programs as a result of laziness, disorganization, greed and a sheer desire to ignore these regulating principles and the rules that are meant for all. While immediately after the scandal with Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC,  neither the compliance officer whoRead MoreEssay about Jet Task 1 Financial Analysis.8422 Words   |  34 PagesANALYSIS AND CONTROLS Requirements for Task 1: A. Prepare a summary report in which you do the following: 1. Evaluate the company’s operational strengths and weaknesses based on the following: In order to evaluate company’s operational strength and weaknesses accurately it is important to have access to more than one year worth of data. The company, of course, will not be evaluated on the basis of couple of ratios, it is very important to analyze all the available information to put pieces of puzzleRead MoreAudit Plan for Dollarama Essay14681 Words   |  59 Pagesthat was used to conduct our audit for the year ended January 29, 2012. Even though the audit of 2012 was performed by PWC, the assumption used for this project was that our firm was the new auditor for 2012. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Yours Sincerely, June 12th, 2012 _________________ Read MoreHrm Policies10725 Words   |  43 Pagesconsultants note that modern human resource management is guided by several overriding principles. Perhaps the paramount principle is a simple recognition that human resources are the most important assets of an organization; a business cannot be successful without effectively managing this resource. Another important principle, articulated by Michael Armstrong in his book A Handbook of Human Resource Management, is that business success is most likely to be achieved if the personnel policies and proceduresRead MoreAcca Per Return4256 Words   |  18 Pages------------------------------------------------- 01 DEMONSTRATE THE APPLICATION OF PROFESSIONAL ETHICS,VALUES AN JUDGEMENT Question 1-Describe an occasion on which you had to demonstrate ethical behaviour When I was an attachà © ,I was given the tasks of handling a tender for heavy vehicle tyres. One of the prospective suppliers offered to take me out for dinner to discuss the tender. At first , I thought it was a genuine call but after careful consideration, I realised that this was goingRead MoreBusiness Continuity Plan as a Part of Risk Management18773 Words   |  76 Pages32 3.1.2 Aim...................................................................................................... 33 3.1.3 Critical Functions Checklist................................................................ 33 3.1.4 Risk Analysis Table ............................................................................ 34 3.1.4 Emergency Response Checklist .......................................................... 35 3.1.5 Roles and Responsibilities ..............................................Read MoreCHAPTER 1112607 Words   |  51 Pagespayroll system documentation and the details on the new sales commission policy and prepared his program. 1 Jason used the sales transaction data from the last payroll period to run his pro- gram. To his surprise, his calculations were 95,000 less than those produced by Sppt new program. Individual differences existed for about half of the company,s salespeo- ple. Jason double-checked his program code but could not locate any errors. He 322 I selected a salesperson with a discrepancy and calculatedRead MoreStandardize Work5686 Words   |  23 Pagesbecomes the baseline for further improvements, and so on. Improving standardized work is a never-ending process. Basically, standardized work consists of three elements: †¢ Takt time, which is the rate at which products must be made in a process to meet customer demand †¢ The precise work sequence in which an operator performs tasks within takt time †¢ The standard inventory, including units in machines, required to keep the process operating smoothly Establishing standardized work reliesRead MoreCloud Computing Security67046 Words   |  269 PagesSECURITY GUIDANCE FOR CRITICAL AREAS OF FOCUS IN CLOUD COMPUTING V3.0 SECURITY GUIDANCE FOR CRITICAL AREAS OF FOCUS IN CLOUD COMPUTING V3.0 INTRODUCTION The guidance provided herein is the third version of the Cloud Security Alliance document, â€Å"Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing,† which was originally released in April 2009. The permanent archive locations for these documents are: (this document)

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Research Proposal - 2068 Words

Department of Psychology The Course Leader: HMPYC80 University of South Africa 2013-05-30 Dear Sir/Madam Re: Research proposal: Why do People Volunteer Work. I am currently associated with UNISA where I am an honours student in Psychology. I have special interest in why do people volunteer work due to some volunteer work I am doing with a home called Botshabelo and an organisation called Stop Hunger SA. I have attached a proposal for further research in this field. The reasons for approaching you is because I will need funding which I will use to carry out study and for ethical approval for my study. I hope to hear from you soon. Rudzani Mashau 47742941 Table†¦show more content†¦It’s always important to have direction in everything you do and to have a set up framework so we aim to figure out some way of evaluating peoples ambitions in volunteering so that only the best candidates who want to volunteer for the right reasons can give their best efforts. It is also wise to give opportunity to people who have something to gain from it like those who are trying to exercise their expertise because they will do their best in trying to show their skills and they also need reverences to vouch for them in their future careers. 3. Research Questions There are only 3 research questions for this study/ proposal which are: -why do people volunteer work? -what motivates people to give their own time to volunteering without any form of compensation? -what are their experiences in volunteering and what do they gain from it? 4. Literature review A study was done by Birnbam (2012), who looked at reasons why young people do volunteer work. Birnbsm states that, for a young person, having friends that volunteer regularly is the primary factor influencing a young person’s volunteering habits. It matters more than things like wanting to help improve his local community or working on an issue he cares about deeply,† the report stated. â€Å"In fact, forShow MoreRelatedResearch Proposal661 Words   |  3 PagesTO: Professor Sara Cutting FROM: Kiersten McCaffrey DATE: February 18, 2014 SUBJECT: Begin Business Plan for Potential Future Investment Background In the beginning of the semester you requested that I research a topic related to a personal decision such as a future goal. I am currently employed at a yoga studio and have a general understanding of the hard work that goes into running a small business. At the same time, I also directly see the benefits of owning a successful business.Read MoreProposal For A Research Proposal814 Words   |  4 PagesWhat is it? A typical research proposal is used by scholars and students who have an interest in your field. This usually happens as part of a grant application, postgraduate application (PhD), or for a final year dissertation. It usually ranges from 1,000-3,000 words and is a summary of what is being proposed to study. It is usually judged by content and proposal format. A Research proposal should†¦ Clearly set out what the research is going to be about. This includes a provisional/working titleRead MoreResearch Proposal1267 Words   |  6 PagesResearch Proposal: It addresses a particular project: academic or scientific research.  It also contains extensive literature reviews and must offer convincing support of need for the research study being proposed.   Doctoral dissertations begin with research proposal; the proposal must be accepted by a panel of experts (usually professors) before the actual research can begin.   In addition to providing rationale for the proposed research, the proposal must describe a detailed methodology for conductingRead MoreResearch Proposal1447 Words   |  6 PagesCohort January 2013 Module Title Business Research Issue and Anylysis (Module code BAMG 2104 ) Assignment Topic/ Title Research Proposal Name of Instructor Dr Michael Ng Name of Student 1) AU Kwan Tai, 2) Chan Yan Ki, 3) Choi Chak Pan, 4) Chong Ka Chun DMU Student No. 1) P13014477 , 2) P13014523 3) P13014614, 4) P13014628 Group No. Date of Submission 25 Feb, 2014 DMU Business Research Methods Research P roposal 1. Research Project Title The relationship betweenRead MoreResearch Proposal1706 Words   |  7 PagesMOI UNIVERSITY MAIN CAMPUS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS. Course: RESEARCH METHODS Course code: ECO 217 Task: GROUP ASSIGNMENT NAMES REG. NO. SIGN 1. HUSSEIN IBRAHIM ABDIRAHMAN ECO/201/O9 †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ 2. THIONG AGUTORead MoreResearch Proposal2386 Words   |  10 PagesResearch Proposal Tony Franco, Anita Badejo, Annie Petroian Malhami, Brenda Baillargeon, Christina Hyett, Kenneth Haynes RES/351 June 11, 2012 Dr. James Gartside University of Phoenix Research Proposal In recent years, the amount of media coverage surrounding assisted suicide, or euthanasia, has increased. The term evokes a multitude of emotive responses. The Royal College of Nursing completed research on the issue of euthanasia initiating change in their policy of opposition to euthanasiaRead MoreParts of a Research Proposal2853 Words   |  12 PagesPARTS OF A RESEARCH PROPOSAL Typical parts of a research proposal are: Title (or Cover) Page Abstract Table of Contents Introduction (including Statement of Problem, Purpose of Research, and Significance of Research) Background (including Literature Survey) Description of Proposed Research (including Method or Approach) Description of Relevant Institutional Resources List of References Personnel Budget The Title (or Cover) Page. Most sponsoring agencies specify the format for the title page,Read MoreDifferences Between Formal Research and Business Proposals1403 Words   |  6 PagesDifferences between â€Å"Formal Research† and â€Å"Business Proposals† There is a great difference between a formal research proposal and a business proposal. In fact these two types of proposals seem to be very similar but there are critical differences in the overall purpose, uses and goals. With such distinct differences for a writer it helps in understanding for writing the formal research proposal or business proposal more effectively. The general purpose of a proposal is the identify a particularRead MoreDesign Research Proposal1022 Words   |  5 PagesResearch Design The research question for this research proposal is: is participation in a Housing First program effective in preventing reoccurrences of child maltreatment with families who have a history of housing instability? This research proposal will examine the hypothesis: Families with a history of instability will be less likely to commit child maltreatment when they are enrolled in a Housing First program as compared to those who are not enrolled. A longitudinal design study will be usedRead MoreGuidelines on Writing a Research Proposal2565 Words   |  11 PagesGuidelines on writing a research proposal Introduction This is a guide to writing M.A. research proposals. The same principles apply to dissertation proposals and to proposals to most funding agencies. It includes a model outline, but advisor, committee and funding agency expectations vary and your proposal will be a variation on this basic theme. Use these guidelines as a point of departure for discussions with your advisor. They may serve as a straw-man against which to build your understanding

Buddhism Converting To Taoism Free Essays

Because the philosophical and spiritual principles involved in Taoism emphasize harmony and â€Å"creative quietude,† I would not forsee any kind of radical or major conflict which might occur in my life if I became a Taoist tomorrow morning. Becoming a Taoist is not like becoming a member of an organized church where it is necessary to attend specific services adn functions and the impact of Taoism on one’s life is, to my understanding, rooted first in the personal and only secondarily in the public sphere. In fact, one might be a Taoist without nay one else even knowing the fact. We will write a custom essay sample on Buddhism Converting To Taoism or any similar topic only for you Order Now The lack of dogma in Taoism means that it would never really be necessary to preach or proselytize to anyone about your beliefs. In the Toa’ Te Ching, the verse which reads: â€Å"The tao that can be described / is not the eternal Tao. † (Tao) should be enough of a warning to any student of Taoism to remember that there is no one â€Å"truth;† no one â€Å"way† and so, unlike some religions which stress preaching to others, Taoism, as a philosophical belief would require nothing like this kind of dogma or â€Å"witnessing. † The changes which I would expect and hope would happen in my life are based around the idea of giving up false ambitions and false self-images and allowing the natural ambitions and expressions of myself to emerge from where they have been â€Å"sleeping. † In America we are taught â€Å"no pain, no gain! † and this is a kind of philosophical burden that we all carry which is in conflict with another idea most of us simultaneously carry with us: that we want to be happy. The idea that we cannot gain unless we are in pain and that all gain is ultimately to create happiness is self-contradicting and it bears very little resemblance to the Taoist idea that â€Å"Freed from desire, you can see the hidden mystery. /By having desire, you can only see what is visibly real. † (Tao) but it is precisely this kind of resolution to the contradictory impulses in Western society that I would hope Taoism would lead me through. The Taoist principles I would invoke, as mentioned, would be invoked primarily through action and not words. So, if someone found out that I often sought to be alone to meditate, or that I often followed intuition rather than â€Å"logic† in making decisions and that I sought to be emotionally and psychologically in touch with â€Å"Darkness born from darkness. / The beginning of all understanding. † (Tao), I expect I would be able to explain to them that my beliefs and practices were part of a larger, very ancient, philosophy with roots in the East and that through its tenants and practices I hoped to find harmony within myself and harmony with my surroundings: no more, no less. I think that practicing Taoist meditation and creative quietude would certainly result in a lessening of tension in my life. It would probably result in my having a more active imaginary and dream-life, maybe a better sex life, and possibly even a better regiment of diet and exercise. The danger with any religion of philosophy is to look at it as a â€Å"cure all† to expect a miracle to come out of it immediately and change everything you don’t like about yourself or your life. Another danger is obsession or the inability to see anything else but the dogma of one’s religion or philosophy. I believe that Taoism is so genuinely free of dogma that it’s basic ideas and practice would result in widening, rather than diminishing, my personality and personal disposition. I think I would find myself relaxed while others were getting tense. I think I would start slow with the more esoteric practices of sutra and yoga but lean very heavily at forst on the ideas and spiritual wisdom available in Taoist thought. How to cite Buddhism Converting To Taoism, Papers

The Trail of Tears, was it unjust and inhumane Wh Essay Example For Students

The Trail of Tears, was it unjust and inhumane? Wh Essay at happened to the Cherokee during that long and treacherous journey? They were brave and listened to the government, but they recieved unproductive land and lost their tribal land. The white settlers were already emigrating to the Union, or America. The East coast was burdened with new settlers and becoming vastly populated. President Andrew Jackson and the government had to find a way to move people to the West to make room. President Andrew Jackson passed the Indian Removal Policy in the year 1830. The Indian Removal Policy which called for the removal of Native Americans from the Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia area, also moved their capital Echota in Tennessee to the new capital call New Echota, Georgia and then eventually to the Indian Territory. The Indian Territory was declared in the Act of Congress in 1830 with the Indian Removal Policy. Elias Boudinot, Major Ridge, and John Ridge and there corps accepted the responsibility for the removal of one of the largest tribes in the Southeast that were the earliest to adapt to European ways. There was a war involving the Cherokee and the Chickasaw before the Indian Removal Policy was passed. The Cherokee were defeated by them which caused Chief Dragging Canoe to sign a treaty in 1777 to split up their tribe and have the portion of the tribe in Chattanooga, Tennessee called the Chickamauga. Chief Doublehead of the Chickamauga, a branch of the Cherokee, signed a treaty to give away their lands. Tribal law says Death to any Cherokee who proposed to sell or exchange tribal land. Chief Doublehead was later executed by Major Ridge. Again there was another treaty signed in December 29, 1835 which is called The Treaty of New Echota. It was signed by a party of 500 Cherokee out of about 17,000. Between 1785 and 1902 twenty-five treaties were signed with white men to give up their tribal lands. The Cherokee would find themselves in a nightmare for the next year. In 1838 General Winfield Scott got tired of delaying this longer than the 2 years he waited already so he took charge in collecting the Cherokee. The Cherokee were taken from their homes and their belongings. The were placed in holding camps so none would escape. The Cherokee were to be moved in the fall of 1838. The journey did not occur in October, 1838 because of bad weather. They were now supposed to move 13,000 Cherokee in the spring of 1839 a distance of eight-hundred miles. The Cherokee were fed on meager rations and suffered malnutrition. They were badly clothed for the spring and many caught diseases and died. Many Cherokee tried to escape and some succeeded. The Cherokee knew these woodlands and knew where to go. The white men couldnt find them without the help of other Cherokee and bribes. Most of the Cherokee hid in the mountains and could not be found. During the eight-hundred mile trek many children and spouses were separated from their families when the Government would split up the Cherokee into groups of 1,000 for ease of removal. About one-third of the original Cherokee they collected died in the holding camps and between the trek from the Southeast section of the Union to Indian Territory. They would have to learn a new way of life and adjust. They lost their negro slaves, and their possessions. The Cherokee were farmers, and the land was infertile. 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Their culture was bred here along their new way of life. John Ross who was elected by the Cherokee as the President of the Cherokee nation in 1827 continues his roll in the land, shared with another seventy tribes. They had opened up schools in the Indian Territory to continue their education for their children. The first Cherokee school opened in 1801 when the people were learning their language. Their written language which consists of 85 characters, was said to be created by a Sequoia (1760-1843) , a Cherokee leader. Sequoia translated the Bible, wrote .

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Exam free essay sample

Mr. Forest also explains the little he has been able to learn about the situation at the branch: In the last three months, two of the top management people-an art director and an account executive-have left the agency. Three of the graphic designers and four of the copywriters are threatening to quit because they feel their creative efforts are being rejected or revised without consultation. They want to be part of a collaborative team, not to simply produce work that the art directors and account executives can alter arbitrarily. In an attempt to increase revenues, the branch is accepting new clients without evaluating the effects of the new accounts on the current project workload. As a result, without notice or compensation for the additional hours, all salaried employees are required to work long hours several days each week. Employee morale and productivity are declining day by day. Process Part A: Interoffice memorandum Step 1 Begin by creating facts, figures, and people to flesh out the above background information and your position in the company. We will write a custom essay sample on Exam or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The following questions are provided to jumpstart your prewriting, but you must expand on them to brainstorm thoroughly. In addition to listing details, also freewrite about the Phoenix Advertising agency and its executive team. †¢How large is the agency? How many branches does it have? Where are the branches located? The agency employs approximately 100 people. It has five branches in addition to its Charlotte, North Carolina office: Greenville, South Carolina; Knoxville, Tennessee; The Hamptons, New York; Key West, Florida; and Roanoke, Virginia. Whats the companys mission? How does each branch relate to that mission? Our Mission: From the right line of copy or a well-composed press release to a beautifully composed print ad with the correct message, Phoenix Advertising creatively tells the story of each account. This all starts with the best possible team for each campaign. Whether you need an ad, brochures, a company jingle, tag line or complete marketing package, expert tal ent will manage your account. We will ask the proper questions and in return you will get honest answers. Well work within your budget and achieve your goals. We are a full-service advertising agency handling accounts in Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, New York and the Hamptons. Our network of branch offices along the East Coast enables us to connect you to the public- locally and nationally. †¢What are the companys primary business goals? At Phoenix Advertising our experience in strategic planning allows us to anticipate the future needs of each account. Each account is managed individually, based on their product and market. From local and national print to radio, television and web site design, at Phoenix Advertising we produce quality product and help decide the right medium for every client. †¢What do clients need from Phoenix Advertising? †¢Ad Campaigns †¢Branding †¢Brochure Design Printing †¢Copywriting †¢Creative Direction †¢IPIX 360 ° Photography †¢Marketing †¢Outdoor Advertising †¢Photography †¢Print Ads †¢Promotional Merchandise †¢Radio and Voice Overs †¢Search Engine Optimization (SEO) †¢Video and Multi-media †¢Web Sites †¢Packaging Who are the people on the executive team (other vice presidents of other departments)? Gregory S. Forest, President; Bill Ludwick, Chief Executive; Theresa Wyalusing, President of Human Resources; Janet Ribble, Vice President of Human Resources; Saul Waters, Chairman; Moe Frands, Managing Director; Sasha Larr, Planning Director; Jane Dresser, Creative Director; Mandy †¢Whos in charge of the agencys accounts in all the branches? Moe Frands, Managing Director, is in charge of managing the client accounts. He oversees the managing directors at each regional office. †¢Who knows about policies for accepting and assigning new accounts? Moe Frands, Managing Director †¢Who knows about the policies for collaborative work among account executives, art directors, graphic designers, and copywriters? Jane Dresser, Creative Director †¢Are any other branches losing clients? Only the Roanoke Branch office is losing clients. While the company, like most, is experiencing a loss in revenue, its clients are remaining loyal. Now brainstorm and freewrite more specifically about your own department and the people who work for you. †¢What are their names and positions? Theresa Wyalusing, President of Human Resources; Janet Ribble, Vice President of Human Resources; Lance Ayers, Human Resources Director; Devon D’Angelo, Human Resources Generalist; Regina Cobb, Office Assistant; Howard Heiney, Office Assistant †¢What would an organizational chart of your department look like? †¢What policies have you established for the agency about overtime for salaried employees? Are branches allowed to have different policies? Under what conditions? All salaried employees are aware that under their contractual obligations they are not compensated for working beyond forty hours per week. This policy is the same for every branch location; however, the manager of each branch office has the power to allocate PTO for any employee who has worked excessively in order to complete a project on time. †¢What are the compensation and benefits packages for the positions of art director and account executive at the branch level? Do they depend on the location of the branch and local competitors or is there a general agency package for each position? There is a general agency package for both the art director and account executive at any branch. They are salaried positions which provide medical and dental insurance, in addition to 401K, and profit sharing. Step 2 After your meeting with Mr. Forest, you realize you need information from other members of the executive team. Using the ABC method, draft one interoffice memo to be sent to the entire executive team. Briefly summarize in one paragraph the situation with the Roanoke Branch. Explain how the situation affects Phoenix Advertising as a company and why it demands immediate attention. In a separate paragraph explain the actions you need different team members to take (who must provide what information). Tell the team when (specific date) and how they should get the information to you (report, e-mail, etc. ). Close your memo with an appropriate final line or two. Make sure you copy the president on the memo. Phoenix Advertising Interoffice Memorandum DATE: May 5, 2009 TO: Moe Frands, Managing Director; Sasha Larr, Planning Director; Jane Dresser, Creative Director FROM: Janet Ribble, Vice President of Human Resources SUBJECT: Roanoke Branch Update In recent months, the Roanoke branch office has been experiencing difficulties. After a change in management, the graphic artists and copywriters have made it apparent that their work is no longer being received well. Although it is not completely clear, this employee upset may be the cause of the complaints that the branch has received by four of its clients. This matter demands immediate attention, as the Roanoke branch services some of the companies’ most valuable clients and thus is important to the overall success It is vital that the executive team contact the Roanoke branch employees to oversee the operations there at once. Jane Dresser should speak with the graphic designers and copywriters to evaluate the work they have submitted and the revisions that were made by their art director. Moe Frands needs to assess the new accounts that the branch has taken on recently and verify their ability to generate revenue. Sasha Larr should develop a plan for the new accounts creating a timeline for the project workload that is currently causing the staff to work longer hours. I will oversee the human resources department in managing employee relations and ensuring that the branch managers are indeed allocating PTO to the salaried employees. A report detailing your findings and procedures is expected in my office no later than May 12, 2009. After reviewing your reports individually, I will hold a meeting of the executive officers to review the status of the Roanoke branch on May 14, 2009. If we all work together effectively I am sure we can resolve all the issues and ensure the success of the Roanoke branch. Copies: Executive Team Gregory S. Forest, President; Bill Ludwick, Chief Executive; Saul Waters, Chairman; Theresa Wyalusing, President of Human Resources; Moe Frands, Managing Director; Sasha Larr, Planning Director; Jane Dresser, Creative Director Part B: E-mail Step 1 If necessary, brainstorm further about your department, your staff, and the agencys policies about overtime. Step 2 Invent e-mail addresses for yourself and another person in your department. Use the company name as the host rather than general commercial providers like AOL or Yahoo. Include all necessary components such as the @ symbol. Step 3 Using the ABC method, draft an e-mail of three to four paragraphs in which you assign the staff person in charge of payroll to provide you with payroll statements from the Roanoke branch for the last 12 months. Use your own judgment about what, if any, information that person needs to know about the Roanoke situation to complete the task. Include a request for a summary of the agency policies and the branch policies regarding overtime and compensation/ benefits packages. Explain clearly what you need that person to do, the date you need the information, and how you want the person to convey the information to you. Be sure you follow the format of the sample e-mail, using the new content youve written for the assignment. Use a specific subject line formatted in title case. To: Lance. [emailprotected] com cc: Theresa. [emailprotected] com bcc: Subject: Request for Reports Dear Lance, As you know from our meeting, the Roanoke branch office is experiencing difficulties amongst the staff due to the longer hours they are required to put in this month. In order to ensure the success of the company it is imperative that I communicate effectively and efficiently with both the salaried employees and the hourly waged staff to. I also need to verify that the managers there are using their resources to accommodate the employees during this period of work overload. In order to do this I need you to provide me with payroll statements from the Roanoke branch for the last 12 months. I also need a summary of the agency policies and the branch policies regarding overtime and compensation/ benefits packages. I would like to see you my office by 5 pm today with all the reports. Please understand the urgency of this request and feel free to assign Regina and Howard to this project only today. I am sure Devon can handle all the responsibilities in the department today so that we can work to resolve this matter quickly. Tomorrow I will review the documents and draft a letter to the manager there, directing him on how to proceed with his staff. I will want to meet with you and Theresa briefly tomorrow morning at 10 am in the main conference room. I am positive that this situation is easily rectifiable as long as we act professionally and proficiently. Best, Janet Ribble Janet. [emailprotected] com

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Association in Java Definition and Examples

Association in Java Definition and Examples The association relationship indicates that a class knows about, and holds a reference to, another class. Associations can be described as a has-a relationship because the typical implementation in Java is through the use of an instance field. The relationship can be bi-directional with each class holding a reference to the other. Aggregation and composition are types of association relationships. Associations join one or more of one thing against one or more of another thing. A professor might be associated with a college course (a one-to-one relationship) but also with each student in her class (a one-to-many relationship). The students in one section might be associated with the students in another section of the same course (a many-to-many relationship) while all the sections of the course relate to a single course (a many-to-one relationship). Association Example Imagine a simple war game with an AntiAircraftGun class and a Bomber class. Both classes need to be aware of each other because they are designed to destroy each other: public class AntiAirCraftGun {   Ã‚  private Bomber target;   Ã‚  private int positionX;   Ã‚  private int positionY;   Ã‚  private int damage;   Ã‚  public void setTarget(Bomber newTarget)   Ã‚  {   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚ newTarget;   Ã‚  }   Ã‚  //rest of AntiAircraftGun class } public class Bomber {   Ã‚  private AntiAirCraftGun target;   Ã‚  private int positionX;   Ã‚  private int positionY;   Ã‚  private int damage;   Ã‚  public void setTarget(AntiAirCraftGun newTarget)   Ã‚  {   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚ newTarget;   Ã‚  }   Ã‚  //rest of Bomber class } The AntiAirCraftGun class has-a Bomber object and the Bomber class has-a AntiAirCraftGun object.

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Definition of Meteor Shower

Definition of Meteor Shower How does a meteor shower occur? The Solar system is made up of the Sun and the nine Planets which revolve around the Sun. The moon, asteroids, comets, dust and sun are other component of the Solar System. The sun attracts all the other objects towards it due to its high gravitational force. A meteor shower takes place when the earth collides with particles as it moves around the sun.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Definition of Meteor Shower specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More These are dust and ice particles found in the solar system which remained from comets which occurred long time ago. The components of a comet include sand, ice and gravel particles. When a comet passes near the sun, its surface heats up. This leads to the release of some particles as well as evaporation of ice. A comet has two tails, one made of dust and the other one gas (Seeds and Backman 2). As the earth rotates around the sun, it comes into c ontact with these dirty particles. When the earth crosses the remains of a comet, there is usually a friction between the air and these particles which makes them to heat up and then a glow is observed. Normally, a meteor is observes as a bright stretch of light in the sky. A meteor can be observed during any night of the year. The duration of time taken by a meteor shower varies. A meteor shower can take a minute, day or even several days. The duration of time is determined by the width of the dust trail. Wide dust trails take more time than narrow ones. Sunlight and solar wind particles composed of hot ions which move at a high speed blow away dust particles from the orbit of the Comet. The distance depends on the size of the particle. Small particles are moved far away from the Comet Orbit. When the dust trail is broadened, it takes the earth along time before it can cross it (Seeds and Backman 12). Why are the times of a meteor shower predictable? The occurrence of a meteor show er is predictable. People are aware of the specific time around which they occur. The Earth takes the same path each year as it rotates around the sun. Since the sun follows the same path, it passes through the same trail of debris at a particular time of the year. Meteor showers take place during this particular time. This has made it easy for people to determine when a meteor shower is likely to happen and at what time of the day. Many meteor showers take place throughout the year (Seeds and Backman 22).Advertising Looking for essay on astronomy? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More What is the probability of a meteor shower becoming a meteorite? When a meteor shower passes through the earth’s atmosphere and strikes the ground, it becomes a meteorite. It has been observed that most of the meteorites are rocks. Most of the meteor showers completely get burned on the atmosphere before reaching the surface of earth. This is because they are usually small particles which are consumed within a short period of time. Scientific research has indicated that there is no evidence of a meteor shower which has ever reached the surface of earth. This is evidence that comet dust is made up of very small particles. Based on the above information, it is true to say that a meteor shower is not a probable source of a meteorite. This is because rarely do meteor showers hit the ground (Seeds and Backman 32). Work Cited Seeds, Michael and Backman, Dana. Perspectives on Astronomy. New York: Cengage Learning, 2007.Print.

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Prpperties of an element Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Prpperties of an element - Essay Example On the Word file, the links (hyperlinks) to your references must be hot! 4) Neatly typed narrative description (500 words minimum, i.e., about one page minimum) of the uses, importance, biological significance (if any) historical information, and any additional interesting information for the element. This should be written in paragraph format with proper grammar and spelling. Outlines or lists will not be given credit. Information must be properly cited (see #5). Plagiarism will result in a zero grade for this project with no chance to earn the lost points through other means. Your in-text citation to a printed source should hyperlink to the reference in your bibliography. Your in-text citation to an online source should also hyperlink to the reference in your bibliography. However, the hyperlinks from each of your references should be to the specific webpage(s) where you obtained the

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Colloborative Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Colloborative Leadership - Essay Example One view maintains that leaders are people oriented and their main task is to inspire people. Their chief functional output is a change and their capabilities are assessed in terms of controlling the process of this change. That is to mould and control change to suit organization's objectives. On the other hand, managers are task and process oriented and their main task is to organize such tasks and processes. Management's main output is work done in allotted time and costs. In plain speak management is assigned the task of producing and maintaining a degree of predictability & order; while leadership assumes the function of producing change under a constantly revised schemata of direction and vision. Leadership is the process of motivating others to work to meet specific goals and objectives. Leadership deliberately causes people-driven actions in a planned fashion for the purpose of accomplishing the leader's agenda, which in constructive scenarios match organizational agenda. Leadership physically compr... Such qualities hasten and fasten agenda achievement by leadership. Some of these qualities are stated below corresponding to their importance in an organizational setting: (a) A collaborative leader must have the capability to initiate, nurture and develop a vision and a concrete sense of direction in which to lead the organization. Leader must convince the entire team of his stance of an inspired shared vision. At least leader should be able to convey his vision to critical adherents. Visionary leaders enable people to feel they have a real stake in the project. They empower people to experience the vision on their own. It can be clearly seen that collaboration is the essence of leadership. According to Bennis "They offer people opportunities to create their own vision, to explore what the vision will mean to their jobs and lives, and to envision their future as part of the vision for the organization," (Bennis, 1997). (b) An effective collaborative leader is expected to have high level of problem solving skills. He may share problem-solving responsibilities with the team but he must have a "fresh, creative response to here-and-now opportunities," and not much concern with how others have performed them. (Kouzes,1987).Thus he would be capable of giving new solutions to complicated problems and lead in dead ends. (c) A collaborative leader must exercise a lot of empathy. There is vast amount of difference between empathy and sympathy. Although the words sound same, they, in fact have widely divergent meanings. According to Norman Paul, in sympathy the subject is principally absorbed in his or her own feelings as they are projected into the object and has little concern for the reality and validity of the

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The Scope Of The Hospitality Industry Tourism Essay

The Scope Of The Hospitality Industry Tourism Essay The scope of the hospitality industry comprises of a range of businesses that provide services and facilities such as accommodation, food and beverage, entertainment, gaming and related products. The term hospitality has become accepted over the years as a generic word, which describes the well being of services and facilities related to tourists and travellers. The hospitality industry is represented in every country in the world and is diverse and complex. It encompasses a range of free-standing hospitality businesses and is also a component of a wide range of venues whose primary function is not hospitality. The hospitality industry consists of broad category of fields within the service industry that includes lodging, restaurants, event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruise line, and additional fields within the tourism industry. The hospitality industry is a several billion dollar industry that mostly depends on the availability of leisure time and disposable income. A hospitality unit such as a restaurant, hotel, or even an amusement park consists of multiple groups such as facility maintenance, direct operations (servers, housekeepers, porters, kitchen workers, bartenders, etc.), management, marketing, and human resources. /Sources: hospitality industry Wikipedia The hospitality industry covers a wide range of organizations offering food service and accommodation. The hospitality industry is divided into sectors according to the skill-sets required for the work involved. Sectors include accommodation, food and beverage, meeting and events, gaming, entertainment and recreation, tourism services, and visitor information. Usage rate is an important variable for the hospitality industry. Just as a factory owner would wish to have his or her productive asset in use as much as possible (as opposed to having to pay fixed costs while the factory isnt producing), so do restaurants, hotels, and theme parks seek to maximize the number of customers they process. Gilmarie Salise 1 One of the adherent growing sectors of the economy of our time is the hotel industry. The hotel industry alone is a multi-billion dollar and growing enterprise. It is inspiring, never boring and offer unlimited opportunities. The hotel industry in diverse enough for people to work in different areas of interest and still at work within the hotel industry. Twenty first centurys hotels provide modern precise services to their guests. The customers or guests are always right. This principle necessitated application of management principles in the hotel industry and the hotel professionals realized the instrumentality of marketing principles of managing the hotel industry. The approach of total quality management is found getting and important function in the marketing management of hotels. The emerging positive trend in the tourism industry indicates that hotel industry is like a reservoir where the foreign exchange flows. This naturally draws our attention on Hotel Management. Like other industries, the hotel industry needs to explore avenues for innovation so that a fair blending of core and peripheral service is made possible. It is not to be forgotten that the leading hotel companies of the world have been intensifying research to enrich their peripheral services with the motto of adding additional attractions to their service mix. It is against this background that we find the service mix more flexible in nature. The recruitment and training programmes are required to be developed in the features of the technical sophistication. The leading hotel companies have been found promoting an ongoing training programme so that the personnel come to know about the use of sophisticated communication technologies. General classification of Hotel Industry Classification of Hotels: on the basis of standards Like most of the countries in the world, India could be an example and has also hotels divided in different categories depending on their location, facilities, infrastructures and amenities provided. All the star hotels in India are government approved with continuous control on the quality on the services offered. Five Star Hotels the most luxurious and conveniently hotels in India are grouped under Five Star Deluxe categories. Five Star Hotel in India are globally competitive in the quality of services provided, facilities offered and accommodation option. These are the top of the line hotels located mostly in big cities. These hotels provide all the modern facilities for accommodation and recreation matching international standards in hospitality. In such type of hotel HR department are established separately and to execute and to follow the concept of HR strictly, HR professionals are hired. Four Star Hotels A rung below five star hotels are Four Star Hotels, these hotels provide all modern amenities to the travellers with a limited budget .Quality of services is almost as high as five stars and above categories. These kinds of hotels are there for the travellers with the limited budget or for the places which might not get the tourist traffic associated with larger cities. In such type of hotel concept of HR is more or less followed. Three Star Hotels These are mainly economy class hotels located in the bigger and smaller cities and catering to the needs of budget travellers. Lesser in amenities and facilities, these hotels are value for money and gives good accommodation and related services in the reduced price. In such type of hotel concept of HR may or may not be present. Two Star Hotels This type of hotels are most available in the small cities and in the particular areas of larger cities. Catering for the backpacker tourist traffic, these hotels provide all the basic facilities needed for general accommodation and offer the lowest prices. In this type of hotel concept of HR is absent. Gilmarie Salise 2 One Star Hotels The hotels with most basic facilities, small number of rooms location in the fur-flung areas are grouped under one star hotel category. These hotels are best when customers for looking cheapest available accommodation option. In this type of hotel concept of HR is alien words. Organisational Structure of Hotel Industry Core Operational Department: Food and Beverage (F B) Department F B deals mainly with food and beverage allied activities. Different divisions are there in F B are Restaurants, Speciality Restaurants, Coffee Shop (24hrs), Bar, Banquets, Room Service etc. Apart from that they have Utility services (Cleaning) . Housekeeping Department The housekeeping Department is another important department in hospitality world. Housekeeping is responsible for cleaning the hotels guestrooms and public areas. This department has the largest staff, consisting of an assistant, room inspectors, room attendants, a house person crew, linen room attendants and personnel in charge of employee uniforms. They may have their own laundry and valet equipment may use it only for hotel linens and uniforms and send guest clothing to an outside service where can be handled with specialised equipment. Front Office Department The front office is the command post for the reservations, registering guests, take in charge of guest accounts (cashiering/payment), checking out guests. It is the front desk responsible to allocate their designated rooms, distribute their keys, send mails, emails or other information for guests. It is the also the most visible part of the front office area. Food Production Department Food production department handles with the preparation of food. Basically, it is their responsibility to prepare dishes or menus which are ordered by guest and afterward catered by the F B Department. They can prepare different kind of Cuisine like Chinese, Indian, Thai, Filipino, Western food, Italian and a lot more. Core Functional Departments Marketing and Selling Department Sales and marketing has become one of the most vital functions of the hotel business and integral part of modern of hotel management. It includes packaging of selling, sales promotion,, advertising and public relations. The marketing divisions is charged with the responsibility of keeping the rooms in the hotel occupied at the right price and with the right mix of guests. Gilmarie Salise 3 Safety and Security Department The security of guests, employees, personal property and the hotel itself is an overriding concern for todays hoteliers. In the past, most security precautions concentrated on the prevention on thefts from guests and the hotel. However, today such violent crimes as murder and rape have become a problem for some hotels. Unfortunately, crime rates in most major cities are arising. Hence today security department also concentrate on these additional criminal activities too. Engineering and Maintenance Department This department provides on the day-to-day basis the utility services, electricity, hot water, steams, air conditioning and other services and is responsible for repair and maintenance of the equipment, furniture and fixtures in the hotel. Finance, Accounting and Control Department The finance and accounting department is responsible for keeping track of the many business transactions that occur in the hotel. Accounting department does the bookkeeping regarding financial matters in an appropriate description. Whereby the control department is concern with cost control guidelines by the way reducing in investment, reduction in operating cost, control of food service cost, control of beverage costs, labour cost control, etc. Administration Department This department is responsible for all the work with the administration, personnel, manpower, employees welfare, medical and health security. Scale, scope and diversity in a Hotel Industry The primary purpose of hotels is to provide travellers with shelter, food, refreshment, and similar services and goods, offering on a commercial basis things that are customarily furnished within households but unavailable to people on a journey away from home. Hotel today not only cater to the basic needs of the guest like food and shelter provide much more than that, like personalized services etc. Many more and more people are travelling not only for business reasons but for leisure as well. As a matter of fact, because of the massive increase on tourism economy, tourism continues to grow as political freedom, economic wherewithal and social equality spread across the whole world. There was a growth in international travel and thereby growth in hotel industry. Hotel development also involved diversification of hotel types. Most early hotels had been large urban luxury establishments, but newer variants quickly emerged. Resort hotels, designed to accommodate the rising tide of tourists, were built in panoramic rural landscapes far from the cities. Commercial hotels, more simply furnished and less expensive than the luxury variant, served the growing ranks of travelling salesmen and other commercial workers set in motion by the expanding economy. Railroad hotels were built at regular intervals along track lines to provide passengers and crews with places to eat and rest in the decades before the introduction of sleeping cars. Residential hotels, dedicated to the housing needs of families increasingly unable to afford private houses in expensive urban real estate markets, served as the prototypes for apartment buildings. Gilmarie Salise 4 Scale, scope and diversity in a Restaurant Industry The restaurant industry, on the other hand, covers fine dining specialty restaurants, fast food outlets, canteens, and food courts. Fine dining and specialty restaurants offer a wide variety of international cuisines. The restaurant originated in France dating back to 1765 when one A. Boulanger, a soup vendor, opened an establishment advertising restoratives, or restaurants, referring to the soups and broths available within. The institution took its name from the advertisement, and restaurant now denotes a public eating place in English, French, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Romanian, and many other languages, with some variations. In the Philippines, a new trend in the restaurant industry is rapidly gaining popularity, that is, eat-all-you-can buffets, which are offered at reasonable prices. A number of restaurants offer buffets with no leftovers at 50% off normal buffet prices. /Sources: Based on my own country Philippines, although local entrepreneurs own most fine dining restaurants, an overwhelming number of fast food outlets are American franchises. These outlets, therefore, pose serious competition for local franchises. Particularly since tastes and preferences of consumers tend to favour international, especially, fast foods and restaurants. Finally, product differentiation exists in the industry. Established firms have brand identification and customer loyalties, which stem from past advertising and customer service. In the Philippines, tourism is one of the major industries that the WTTC noted as positioned at the epicentre of global travel and tourism growth and development. In 1997, tourism contributed 8.7% of the countrys GDP, generating 2.3 million jobs (or one in every nine nationwide), and accounting for some 10.5% of Philippine investments. According to the Department of Tourism, international arrivals in 1999 stood at 2.17 million, a slight increase from the previous years total of 2.15 million visitors. Despite the economic crisis suffered by its Asian markets, the Philippines foreign exchange receipts from tourism went up by 5.83% from $2.41 billion in 1998 to $2.55 billion in 1999. Moreover, the Philippines enjoyed the highest repeat visitors in Asia at 54.22 percent, indicating that the tourism sector can survive external threats and competition in the region. As tourism serves as the main market for hotel and restaurant services, increase in visitor traffic over the past ten years resulted in a corresponding boom in the hotel and restaurant industry. During the last decade, the hotel and restaurant industry has flourished even as it struggled to cope with difficult challenges. New hotels mushroomed in the capital while older hotels have done their best to spruce-up both their interiors and upgrade services. Likewise, the growth of the restaurant sub-sector, the number of players and the variety of services offered, has been notable during the period. /Sources: Gilmarie Salise 5 People 1st The Academys role To identify, endorse and promote qualifications and learning opportunities which are delivered to National Skills Academy standards. This delivery may take place in universities, colleges of further education, employer businesses and dedicated hospitality schools. Its role is also to: Focus on the areas related to management and leadership, customer service and craft skills which are central to addressing the industry challenges Innovate and provide franchisable solutions Ensure that funding is available where ever to support excellence in hospitality training. People 1st is the Sector Skills Council for the Hospitality, Leisure, Travel and Tourism Sector. The People 1st sector footprint is defined across 14 separate industries: hotels; restaurants; pubs, bars and nightclubs; contract food service providers; hospitality providers; membership clubs; events; gambling; travel services; tourist services; visitor attractions; youth hostels; holiday parks; and self-catering accommodation.  [1]   It is difficult to undertake a statistical analysis of the tourism and hospitality sector as the sector includes a number of different industries as defined by the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes. In the main, statistical analysis is usually concentrated on tourism related industries, the most important of which are hotels and restaurants. Across the UK, People 1st industries generate an annual turnover of  £135 billion and employ 1.9 million in more than 180,000 establishments. According to People 1st, there are 1,585 vacancies in the core hospitality sector, with the largest number of vacancies for kitchen and catering assistants, bar staff, chefs and cooks. Nearly a fifth of hospitality and tourism firms have indicated that they have hard to fill vacancies, and 48% of the unfilled vacancies are attributed to a failure to find individuals with the appropriate skills. A third of employers have reported skills gaps. British Hospitality Management The British Hospitality Association has been representing the hotel, restaurant and catering industry for 100 years. The Association exists to ensure that the views of the British hospitality industry are represented in a forceful, coherent and co-ordinated way to government and policy makers in the UK and internationally, in order that its members businesses can flourish. The British Hospitality Association (BHA) was established in 1907 as the Incorporated Hotel Keepers Association. In 1910 it merged with a new and entirely separate organisation called Incorporated Association of Hotels and Restaurants, taking on the latters name. In 1926 it became the Hotel and Restaurant Association of Great Britain, then the British Hotels and Restaurants Association in 1948 and the (ungrammatical) British Hotels, Restaurants and Caterers Association after the merger with Caterers Association of Great Britain in 1971. It was re-named British Hospitality Association in 1992. Along the way, it lost some of its restaurant members when they broke away to form the Restaurant Association of Great Britain in 1967. Supported by some of the industrys top independent restaurateurs, such as Prue Leith and Robert Carrier, the RAGB later The Restaurant Association fought exclusively for the interests of restaurants but the cost of such activity and the need to present a united front to government encouraged the merger with the BHA in 2003. The Restaurant Association retains its own identity as a trading division of the BHA. For a more detailed history, please read the official centenary booklet Hospitality: A Portrait. The British Hospitality Association 1907 2007 which gives a fascinating insight into the UK hospitality industry over the course of the past one hundred years. /Sources: Google Assessment: The People 1st focuses on the sector skills council for the hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism sector. The tourism and hospitality sector includes a massive number of different industries as defined by the Standard Industrial Classification Code (SIC). The statistical analysis mostly concentrated on the hotels and restaurants industries. This association interact significantly on management and leadership, customer skills, job vacancies, innovate and franchisable solutions, and to make assurance that funding is available. Whereas, British Hospitality Management is an association that represents hotel, restaurants and catering industry. British Hospitality Industry are represented by this association to have a forceful, comprehensible, and combined way to UKs government policy makers and internationally, in order that it members businesses can prosper. Gilmarie Salise 7 These two different groups of professional bodies in the field of hospitality services are very important in order to have an organise and fruitful result in building businesses either on a hotel, restaurants, catering etc. The most significant aspect for any associations in hospitality industry is to work together and help with each other, exchanging ideas to give a most fascinating insight into UK industry and worldwide. Organisational Structure/Chart of Hotel Industry Organisational Structure of Hotel Industry Core Operational Department: Food and Beverage (F B) Department F B deals mainly with food and beverage allied activities. Different divisions are there in F B are Restaurants, Speciality Restaurants, Coffee Shop (24hrs), Bar, Banquets, Room Service etc. Apart from that they have Utility services (Cleaning) . Housekeeping Department The housekeeping Department is another important department in hospitality world. Housekeeping is responsible for cleaning the hotels guestrooms and public areas. This department has the largest staff, consisting of an assistant, room inspectors, room attendants, a house person crew, linen room attendants and personnel in charge of employee uniforms. They may have their own laundry and valet equipment may use it only for hotel linens and uniforms and send guest clothing to an outside service where can be handled with specialised equipment. Front Office Department The front office is the command post for the reservations, registering guests, take in charge of guest accounts (cashiering/payment), checking out guests. It is the front desk responsible to allocate their designated rooms, distribute their keys, send mails, emails or other information for guests. It is the also the most visible part of the front office area. Gilmarie Salise 8 Food Production Department Food production department handles with the preparation of food. Basically, it is their responsibility to prepare dishes or menus which are ordered by guest and afterward catered by the F B Department. They can prepare different kind of Cuisine like Chinese, Indian, Thai, Filipino, Western food, Italian and a lot more. Core Functional Departments Marketing and Selling Department Sales and marketing has become one of the most vital functions of the hotel business and integral part of modern of hotel management. It includes packaging of selling, sales promotion,, advertising and public relations. The marketing divisions is charged with the responsibility of keeping the rooms in the hotel occupied at the right price and with the right mix of guests. Safety and Security Department The security of guests, employees, personal property and the hotel itself is an overriding concern for todays hoteliers. In the past, most security precautions concentrated on the prevention on thefts from guests and the hotel. However, today such violent crimes as murder and rape have become a problem for some hotels. Unfortunately, crime rates in most major cities are arising. Hence today security department also concentrate on these additional criminal activities too. Engineering and Maintenance Department This department provides on the day-to-day basis the utility services, electricity, hot water, steams, air conditioning and other services and is responsible for repair and maintenance of the equipment, furniture and fixtures in the hotel. Finance, Accounting and Control Department The finance and accounting department is responsible for keeping track of the many business transactions that occur in the hotel. Accounting department does the bookkeeping regarding financial matters in an appropriate description. Whereby the control department is concern with cost control guidelines by the way reducing in investment, reduction in operating cost, control of food service cost, control of beverage costs, labour cost control, etc. Administration Department This department is responsible for all the work with the administration, personnel, manpower, employees welfare, medical and health security. Gilmarie Salise 9 Organisational Structure/Chart of a Restaurant Industry Organisational Structure of Restaurant Industry Chief Executive Director (CEO) is in charge of making all final decisions, concerning the hotels, running meetings and presentations, launching new hotels, and making the final decisions of the operation managers for individuals hotels. Operations Manager also known as operation directors oversee all other manager and report to the owners directly. It is the responsible of the restaurant operation manager to handle various aspects of the restaurants operation. They deal directly with customers and employees and are responsible for a diversity of duties that include financial record keeping and hiring, handling and firing employees. The duties and responsibilities of an operation manager is to generally managing the facility in which all the materials to be use in food preparation are being organised, serving and working properly and so with the employee resources as well. Store Manager a store manager could also be called as store general manager in which they usually at least one assistant manager working for them as well as various department managers and hourly employees. Store manager is responsible to communicate in some area managers department and get their assistance in improving store operation such as service in cleanliness. Kitchen Manager is responsible of overseeing the entire operation of the kitchen. The duties and responsibilities of a kitchen manager include supervising kitchen staff and make sure they are performing their duties very well. The kitchen manager must also make sure that the kitchen area meets health and safety requirements as well as food preparation. To ensure that all food is properly prepared and meet the standards set by the restaurant. Schedule Manager To avoid confusion in creating schedule for multiple employees, the schedule manager must be organised and it is advisable and very helpful to use a typical spreadsheet to easily simplify their work and spend less time in scheduling people and more time managing. Maintenance Manager a maintenance manager or facility manager is responsible for creating and maintaining all preventive maintenance programs to help keeps the restaurant running smoothly, such as maintaining kitchen equipment, lighting, point of sale system and the physical structure. Service Supervisor Beverage Manager it is the responsibility of the beverage manager to order, stocking, and managing all alcoholic beverages in the restaurant. In fact, this kind of position must have knowledge in different brands/kind of liquors and wines and can intelligibly explain and recommend selections to customers. Main Chefs The main duty of a chef is to prepare meals for guests according to the restaurant menu. Chefs are required to create recipes that are unique from other restaurants. Chefs should generally follow a specific recipe for each menu item; they should prepare to customise the dish to the guests requests. More duties include preparing daily menu, ordering supplies, and supervising kitchen staff. Gilmarie Salise 10 Dishwashers Most of the restaurants uses a machine dishwasher to store all the messed dishes, cups, glasses, cutleries, casseroles, etc. and be washed at one at a time. While small restaurants/business hire a dishwasher to wash manually all the dishes. Service Crews a service crew is a group of co-workers that labour as a team to complete tasks of an employer. Waiters and waitresses are also called as service crews. However, service crews are not only working in a fast food but they are also working in a banquet and convention services, military, transportation, installation, and maintenance situations. Gilmarie Salise 11 RESTAURANTS Operational: Food Safety Food safety refers to all those hazards, whether chronic or acute, that may make food injurious to the health of the consumer. Food safety is and remains a top ten concern for food manufacturers and other food businesses. But a series of major food poisoning outbreaks and contamination incidents is happened in different ways and in several times. In US, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was created to protect health by assuring the safety and security of the nations food supply, among many other things. All food facilities including restaurants must be registered with the FDA and must also give advance notice to the FDA on shipments of imported goods. Based on my own experience, I worked in a Chinese restaurant and this restaurant also offers take away either in delivery or collection. In every  £14 or more purchase it will be delivered for free. I had observed that not all days the restaurant is busy. As a matter of fact, most of the orders are takeaway. The restaurant seems busy only during weekends like Friday and Saturday. In fact, many are also ordering by phone and be delivered. The company must ensure to pass the health and safety regulations including SODEXHO training in which certificates will be given like Food and Hygiene Certificate. All employees must be aware on their own health concern that they are well-fitted enough to work in these kind of industry especially working in a restaurant. For those very sick people like Tuberculosis, they are not allowed or be part of these industry. Moreover, all utensils must be washed properly and make sure that is also being sterilised to ensure health and safety. Global sales of food additives were estimated at well in excess of USD25bn in value terms in 2007. Although the market is dominated by sectors such as flavours and hydrocolloids, recent growth has been most impressive in those additives most relevant to the prevailing trend towards lower-fat foods. In contrast, some sectors have been adversely affected by the effects of rising low-cost Chinese production, which has driven down market value in some instances. The Food Additives Market Global Trends Developments is a publication from Leatherhead Food International (now Leatherhead Food Research), which updates the previous edition published in 2005. The report identifies the major market forces influencing the global additives market, and presents a detailed analysis of trends in the market for 13 different additive categories. In addition to information on applications, market sizes and trends, and the leading companies in the industry, the report also discusses finished food trends impacting on additives and assesses future prospects for the industry. Managerial: Security Security in enterprise computing system is not simply a matter of technology and cannot be addressed satisfactorily with hardware and software alone. It also a matter of managing people, establishing and enforcing strong (right and clear) policies, implementing procedures and strengthen security, and periodically checking the effectiveness of the security architecture and making necessary changes. To become a successful security manager, he or she must constantly educate himself or herself and his or her staff. Basically, when we talk about security it is generalised. Not only on computer or system security but accordingly on engineering, security on policies and regulations, security of the place and overall security. Authentication mechanisms are used to identify the identity of subject and thus ensu

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Business Plan †Book cafe Essay

1.0 Summary Profile Business Name: GRYFFINDOR BOOK CAFÉ Type of Business: A Book Cafà © Legal Structure: Partnership Address: No. 17, Ground Floor, Parramatta Road, Broadway Gryffindor Book Cafà © operated under a partnership between 3 people. It is classified to be within the hospitality industry, with its main focus is in serving people. The partners view the Cafà © industry Australia to be lucrative due to the growing demands of coffee. Gryffindor Book Cafà © will be operated within the University zone amongst the University of Sydney and University of Technology Sydney, in Broadway. Hence, the cafà © will be in close proximity to its target market. To differentiate our cafà ©, we will embark upon a unique physical appearance, which sets it apart from local cafà ©s, provide free reading materials, such as local and foreign newspapers, different types of magazines, books and novels. We will be providing a cafà © for customers in which, they can relax and escape from the daily pressures of work and offers a place to converse with mates over a cup of coffee. Furthermore, aside from the cold and hot drinks available, the business will also provide complementary side dishes, such as cakes. Hence, Gryffindor Book Cafà © will offer a variety of choices to our customers. Gryffindor Book Cafà © will gain its competitive advantage in the market by the quality of its products, warm customer service provided by our staff and the uniqueness of our facilities, which offers an escape from the everyday rustics. Furthermore, the main promotional strategy employed by the business is the word of its satisfied customers and the various discounts the business will offer. 2.0 Critical Success Factors for the Survival of the Business  · Efficient and concise management – Good management allows operations of the business to be well coordinated.  · Detailed planning – A well-planned business would clearly lists its goals and objectives and clearly identify the methods to be implemented.  · To constantly monitor and evaluate the business’s performance to ensure efficiency and hence maximise profits.  · Quality financial management – to ensure a healthy cash flow within the business.  · Well-planned marketing strategy – to be able to provide the goods and services demanded by consumers and to be able to reach potential customers.  · Sufficient capital – in order to pay its debts and continue operations and increase sales.  · A strong competitive advantage to distinguish the business within the market.  · Entrepreneurship spirit – continuous dedication from the owners/management is needed to operate the business effectively and profitably.  · Entrepreneur’s background knowledge and experience greatly contribute to the success of the business as it aids its operations.  · Location is a vital element to a small business, which must be of easy access to its customers. 3.0 Executive Summary Gryffindor Book Cafà © recognises the importance of prompt and amiable customer service in the hospitality industry. It is a small business that provides high quality coffee and hot and cold beverages with cakes, muffins and  cookies. It differentiates itself from other cafà ©s by its unique services of providing reading materials, i.e. newspapers and magazines from different countries, which the business incorporates as their prime function. Operating as a partnership between Angelene Alburquerque, Nicole Tsui and Jeff Chan, Gryffindor Book Cafà © belongs in the private sector and in the tertiary industry. It is located in Broadway, along George St. where it is easily accessible for its target market. The following business plan will analyse in details the situational analysis of the business in its establishment, and the operational, marketing and financial plans that it will implements in its start up. 4.0 Situational Analysis 4.1 Business Name: Gryffindor Book Cafà © 4.2 Prime Function: Gryffindor Book Cafà © provides:  · Hot drinks – coffee, cappuccino, lattes, etc.  · Cold beverages  · Milkshakes  · Cakes  · Pastries  · Cookies  · Reading materials – i.e. newspapers, magazines and books 4.3 Vision Statement To be the best cafà © with a difference with a reputable image supported by:  · High quality products  · Impeccable customer service 4.4 Mission Statement Gryffindor Book Cafà © is dedicated to:  · Providing customers impeccable service within a warm, friendly environment and comfortable facilities supported by promptness, quality and style  · Serve customers with the best cafà © products in the market at a value price  · Continually find improvement in our are of operations and service  · Be socially responsible by complying to a code of conduct, which would ensure fairness to its stakeholders  · Be environmentally conscious by using earth-friendly materials 4.5 Goals Ø Financial Goals · Maximising sales and profit · Business stability · Progressive growth Ø Personal Goals · Job security · Increase self-confidence · Improving managerial skills · Professional recognition · Increase power and Influence Ø Social Goals · Comply with ethical conducts · Provision of local employment · Sponsoring local events 4.6 Business Objectives Time Period: 12 months  · To break even with revenue and total costs in the duration of 10 months  · Reduce cost by efficiency by 10%  · Increase market share by 15% through effective marketing strategies 4.7 Business Ownership/Legal Structure Gryffindor Book Cafà © will operate as a partnership between Miss Angelene Alburquerque, Miss Nicole Tsui and Mr. Jeff Chan. Advantages and disadvantages operating as a partnership are as follows. ADVANTAGES · Low start up cost · Workload and responsibility is shared · Business profits are not taxed, but personal income only · Funds and talents of the partners are combined · Lower cost involved compared to operating a company · If one partner dies, business operations may continue DISADVANTAGES · Unlimited Liability · Conflicts between partners may arise · Liable for all debts, including debts held by other partners · Incompatible characteristics, making it difficult to find a suitable partner continue 4.8 Industry Analysis Australian coffee consumption is running at an all-time high. In September, economic forecaster BIS Shrapnel reported that we consume about 2.4 kilograms per person per year, double that of 30 years ago. (Tea consumption, by contrast, is on the slide.) And cafes, says Sean Edwards, managing director of cafe-industry organization CafeBiz, are â€Å"a $7.5 billion industry in Australia†. 4.9 Competition There are two general competitors in our cafà © market. They are the multinational specialty beverage chains, such as Starbucks and Gloria Jeans, and the local coffee houses or cafes, both with an established clientele and a quality product. There is a dramatic distinction among the customers of each of these outlets. Ø Michelle’s Patisserie Michael Patisserie is a pure Australian company, which mainly sells bakery products in the Australian community. Michael Patisserie is now a national system with around 270 outlets throughout Australia and is averaging new store openings of approximately 1 per week. Company Strengths  · Well-known products in Australia  · Recognized franchise  · Offering bakery bakes  · Specialty coffee roasting, coffee retailing and coffee training  · Easy accessible location Ø Starbucks Starbucks is an international corporation, which is the leading premium coffee cafà © in the world, with more than 23 branches locates in Sydney. Due to its distinguishable reputation of Starbucks will be a threat to Gryffindor Book Cafà ©. Company strengths  · Experienced in premium coffee  · High quality of services  · Famous establishment  · Lower production cost  · Recognizable franchise Ø Gloria Jean’s Coffee Gloria Jean Coffee is another large cafà © franchise in Australia, with stores in most major shopping centers and has almost 70 branches located in the Sydney region. With the renowned celebrity compared to our brand new cafà ©, it becomes a great challenge for the business to establish a certain market position. Company Strengths  · Standardized quality products  · Well-located place  · Eminent celebrity  · Employee-trained Local Cafà ©s Although small, a very tough competitor for our cafà © is the established local cafà ©s. Their previous experience in the industry would certainly be beneficial in further developing their cafes, which will greatly disadvantage Gryffindor Book Cafà ©. The quality of beverages served at an established cafe will surpass any of the regional or national chains. Company Strengths  · Plenty of product choices  · Easy access  · Consistent menus  · Quality product  · Well-serviced The competitive edge of Gryffindor Book Cafà © over the local cafes is based on the attributes of:  · Foreign newspapers and magazine service  · Consistent menu  · Quality product  · Discount purchases 4.10 Competitive Advantage Statement â€Å"Aside from our deliciously baked cakes and tantalising freshly brewed coffees, which is of the highest quality around, Gryffindor Book Cafà © guarantees the best customer service in the business.† SWOT Analysis Strengths · Business & management master’s degree held by each partner – intensive knowledge · Strong motivation and commitment held by each partner as personal success is dependent on the business’s performance · Focus on excellent service in satisfying customer’s needs · Well defined goals and objectives · Employs a variety of marketing strategies to reach customers · Unique facilities, which sets it apart from its competitors · Ability to provide personalized service Weaknesses · Undercapitalisation · Minimal experience in the hospitality industry · Minimal experience in making and preparing foods and drinks Opportunities · Increase market share · Take over dissatisfied customers from  their businesses · Increase variety of products · Positive forecasting Threats · Competitors – i.e. Transnational corporation (E.g. Starbucks & Gloria Jeans) · Unpredictable downturn in economy · Changes in government policies/laws · External government department controls – i.e. showing up unexpected 4.11 Economic Conditions Economic conditions will greatly affect the business. For example, changes in interest rates will affect the business’s bank loan. A change in unemployment may see a reduction of sales from the business, as customers are not willing to spend. Furthermore, economic conditions determine price levels. For instance, prices must be set lower during a recession. 4.12 Socio-Cultural Conditions Australia is multicultural and is therefore important for the business to treat everyone fairly without any bias. The business can use this factor as an advantage by offering foreign reading materials to cater for the majority of our customers. For example, English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Additionally the business must continue to monitor the changing trends in society in order to provide the goods and services that customers want and be able to change. 4.13 Legal-Political Conditions In order to legally establish a cafà ©, the business must be registered and it is important to apply a food licence from the council. Moreover, the quality of food and drink is extremely important to qualify and be permitted to open. Furthermore, laws such as the Fair Trading Act and Occupational Health and Safety regulations greatly effects the conducts of business and influences its operations. 4.14 Technological Conditions Gryffindor Book Cafà © must maintain its technological edge amongst its competitors. Therefore, we can introduce some high-technology machine (coffee maker) to improve the quality of our products and efficiency of the operations in long run. In short run, we may provide on-line order service for take-away service, such as order-on-net service, and improve our record keepings by the latest softwares, which would simplify managerial tasks. 4.15 Natural Environment Conditions Through the use of recyclable products, the business would project an environmentally-friendly image and avoid wastage. Furthermore, the business can utilise methods of saving water and the use less electricity. Consequently, this may not only protect the environment, but also reduce operating expenses. 5.0 Operations Plan 5.1 Location Gryffindor Book Cafe will be located in Broadway, along Parramatta Road, which is in close proximity with out target market. The physical size of the cafà © approximately measures to be 1600 square feet and is opposite Victoria Park, which encompasses a peaceful, scenic view of the area. The reason for this location is essentially due to the two universities in the area. 5.2 Furnishings Our cafà © will mainly use wood to be our main ornamentation and use French windows to emphasise Victoria Park’s green landscape to our customers as they read. Being a cafà © which provides reading resources, the lighting must be sufficient in order to protect our customer’s health, upholding our social responsibility. Moreover, we will furnish the cafà © with snug sofas to provide contented seats for reading convenience and just relaxing. A local professional will be contracted out of the business to handle the furnishing of the place. 5.3 Operating Hours Monday – Wednesday 7:00am – 6:30pm Thursday – Friday 7:30am – 8:00pm Saturday 7:30pm – 4:00pm Sunday Closed 5.4 Cafà © Floor Layout 5.5 Details of Production and Service Ø Food Preparation  · Beverages and hot drinks are to be prepared as it is ordered  · Muffins and cakes are baked freshly on a daily basis  · Some products will be ordered from local producers i.e. cakes Ø Service  · Customers approach the counter to make their order, which they have the choice to eat in or to take away.  · Reading materials are available to the customers, such as books that are old and new and magazines, which are distributed throughout the cafà © in shelves lining the wall.  · Current local and international newspapers, particularly from Asia are available to customers to read, which are positioned at the counter as they order, for easier and more convenient access.  · Staff would walk around to customers offering reading materials and ensuring that they are satisfied with the food and service.  · Smoking is prohibited in our cafà © to facilitate fresh air supply. 5.6 Stakeholders Ø Internal Stakeholders – The partners are the internal stakeholders of the business and has a responsibility for towards one another to perform their part in the business to the best of their ability. They are also the internal customers of the business, as each of their workload is vital for all partners to be able to perform their job efficiently. – Employees – the business must provide a safe working environment, to comply with Occupational Health and Safety regulations and provide training. Ø External Stakeholders – Customers – the business is responsible in providing high quality products, a safe environment and fair service. – Community – the business must be environmentally friendly, and will provide recyclable takeaway containers. – Government – the business will pay its due taxes, and will behave ethically in recording profits and expenses. – Suppliers – the business must pay its debts.  § John Fairfax Holding Limited – supplies newspapers and magazines  § Maxims – supplies food and drinks products 5.7 Proposed Organisational Chart 5.8 Method of Employee Participation in Decision Making  · The flatter structure encourages direct communication between employees and employers, which allows more input from staff and ideas to reach management at a more efficient manner.  · A suggestion box positioned behind the counter would be available for all staff to insert ideas as they work, which will be discussed in meetings.  · Include staff in meetings and allow for contribution  · Employ participatory planning, to include the staff, which will be affected by the plans made and/or will be asked to implement them.